High ROI Selling

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Haven’t you ever daydreamed about having more long-term, high-paying clients?

What if you could begin getting new, high-paying clients — without all the usual frustration, false hopes and futility — starting just moments from now?

What would prevent you from learning how this could happen for you? Is there something more important you have to do right now? Or can you spare five minutes to discover how your life can change dramatically for the better? Great! Read on…

The single most costly mistake that B2B service providers, consultants, coaches, trainers and speakers make:

Most Most B2B service providers, consultants, coaches, trainers and speakers don’t understand that they are sales people FIRST, and service providers second. Marketing and sales are the most important tasks you have until you are truly financially independent or about to retire.

It’s the one-to-one selling process that turns prospects into paying clients. This is where most people have the most trouble because most people hate prospecting and selling. And if you don’t like something, you probably don’t do it well or you may avoid doing it altogether. It doesn’t have to be that way!

In the next few minutes you’ll discover why everything you’ve ever learned about how to sell your services is probably wrong, and why the traditional selling techniques taught by major corporations and sales training companies simply don’t work anymore.

You’ll also learn about a remarkable 7-step system that shows you how to get more long-term, high-paying clients in less time with less effort and frustration than ever before.

I’m Nick Nichols. I’ve been in B2B sales for more than 25 years. I’ve sold everything from office equipment to advertising to consulting training to copywriting to corporate events. And like most salespeople I’ve studied, I was doing it all wrong for most of my career!

Nick Nichols

I had been taught by some of the largest and most respected sales organizations in the world, companies like Xerox, Merrill-Lynch, and ConAgra, along with several smaller firms. The seriously flawed sales techniques of yesteryear are still being taught today, despite the fact that they are highly ineffective!

The typical sales training teaches coercive, intimidating, often misleading techniques that are designed to get people to buy something even if they don’t need or want it.

As a result, buyers have become wary, distrustful and defensive. They can see a sales pitch coming from a mile away and often do everything they can to avoid an encounter with an ordinary salesperson. Given this scenario, is it any wonder why most B2B service providers, consultants, coaches, trainers, and speakers don’t like to sell?

In just a moment I’ll tell you about a radically different approach you can use to make selling fun and rewarding beyond your wildest expectations. You may want to learn how this new way of selling can make your life easier and more profitable, or you might want to see if the following has ever happened to you…

Does this sound familiar?

You get a referral from a casual business acquaintance who tells you the prospect is “ready to go.” You call the prospect, introduce yourself and make your presentation. The prospect asks you for a proposal. You drop everything and spend an hour or two writing one up. You send in the proposal. Then you call the prospect to “touch base” to see if she has any questions. “No questions?” Hmmm. “You’ll get back to me? Well… Okay, I guess.”

And then a strange thing happens… Nothing! A week goes by, maybe two. The prospect never gets back to you. So you decide to find out what happened. You call the prospect only to learn the project is “on hold,” or they don’t have the budget, or worse, they are shopping around for other bids. And you thought it was a done deal!

Or maybe this has happened to you…

At a business networking event, you met someone who seemed to need what you offer. You exchanged business cards and told the person you would call to discuss working with him. You waited a day or so then called to make an appointment. The person seemed interested, so you drove 30 minutes to his office, waited 15 minutes past the scheduled time, then finally sat down in front of your prospect.

You talked about all the things you could do for his company. He asked you for ideas, and you gladly complied by spouting off with some of your best strategies. You thought, “Boy will this guy be impressed! After hearing how smart I am, I know he’ll hire me.”

After a while you glanced at your watch and noticed you’d been there for over an hour. So you decided to go for the “close” by asking, “Okay, I’ve given you some ideas that you thought made sense. Can I write up a proposal for you?” “Sure,” he replied. So you shook hands and left feeling you just landed a new client.

You felt confident, but…

You drove back to your office, then immediately went to work on the proposal. An hour and a half later, you finished. After printing it, you put it in a Priority Mail envelope and drove to the post office to mail it. Then you waited a few days and called the prospect to see what he thought of your proposal. You were surprised to learn that your prospect had gone on vacation for two weeks the day after your meeting!

You marked your calendar to call him the day after he got back. But he was (understandably) swamped, and told you he’d review your proposal and get back to you. But he never did. In all, you spent over 3-1/2 hours on this prospect and got nothing but an empty promise in return. As you rack your brain for what went wrong, you say to yourself, “There must be a better way!”

Finally! A better way!

If you’ve been frustrated trying to get more clients, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the solution is simple, quick and easy.

Thousands of B2B service providers, consultants, coaches, trainers and speakers endure similar disappointments every day. They invest their valuable (and irreplaceable) time in one dead end after another. They get discouraged. Some quit, becoming employees. Some suffer financially. When you click here now to get expert help, suddenly, your life turns around — as if by magic!

The High ROI Selling System is different from every sales training you’ve seen before. There is NO anxiety, NO high pressure, NO manipulation, NO deception — and this is especially interesting — NO “closing!”

The High ROI Selling System is designed specifically for B2B service providers, consultants, coaches, trainers, and speakers who HATE to sell. If this is you, or if you just want to get more clients, you can click here now to get immediate help or read on…

What makes The High ROI Selling System unique is that instead of trying to persuade prospects to buy using the standard sales tactics, you make it easy for them to disqualify themselves from working with you. That’s right, DISqualify themselves.

Most sales training courses teach you to follow a “sales track.” This usually involves developing rapport, assessing needs, presenting features and benefits, overcoming objections, and closing. Most people have trouble with the last two because overcoming objections and closing almost always involve manipulation, pressure and sometimes even deception.

With The High ROI Selling System, you don’t have to worry about overcoming objections and closing.

Instead, you ask a series of carefully planned questions that are designed to encourage prospects to disqualify themselves. Yes, I know this may seem illogical and contrary to what you’ve been taught. But it’s this special disqualification process that filters out the non-prospects quickly and funnels the serious buyers directly into the palm of your hand! Click here now to land more premium, high-paying clients.

The results are amazing…

As you become skilled at using The High ROI Selling System, you’ll discover that you spend less effort chasing time wasters and tire kickers and more time helping serious prospects solve their problems.

This is why The High ROI Selling System is so rewarding.

You can kiss fear, anxiety and rejection goodbye forever and concentrate on delivering value to your clients. Isn’t that the real reason you’re in business?

The High ROI Selling System shows you how to:

  • Create a powerful opening statement that precisely conveys what you do so effectively that prospects can immediately determine if they want what you offer. This alone is worth the investment and will increase your prospecting effectiveness exponentially.
  • Develop rapport with prospects in a sincere, non-intrusive manner that will help you decide if you really want to work with them. This allows you to walk away from someone who is dishonest, unethical or doesn’t meet your standards before you invest your time, energy and reputation.
  • Determine needs and wants using a series of carefully crafted questions that allow prospects to disqualify themselves at each step. This helps you conserve your valuable time and resources so you can move on to greener pastures as quickly as possible upon disqualification.
  • Drill down so both you and your prospects will understand and agree on what constitutes their essential requirements. This forces prospects to give you overt approval of every aspect of the project before you write an offer.
  • Get confirmation that all decision makers agree on the scope, cost and terms of your offer before you ever write it! This will save you the needless hassle and frustration of having to give multiple presentations or go back for approval later.
  • Expedite the buying process by eliminating all the stalls and roadblocks that ordinary salespeople routinely encounter. This step virtually assures that your project will be properly authorized and promptly paid for.
  • Seal the deal with a technique that guarantees your clients will be happy with their decision to work with you and reduces the probability of cancellation to zero. In fact, your prospects will often thank you after the order process is complete. No kidding!

Imagine that it’s a year from now and you look back at this moment as the start of the most fun and financially prosperous time of your life. As you envision all the wonderful things that will be possible for you, I can almost hear you thinking that it would be a good idea to get the High ROI Selling System now! Still not convinced? See the bonuses.

Client Testimonial

Nick, I’ve been reading lots of sales and marketing books, and yours is just pure genius.

Simple to implement! Completely original!

It definitely wasn’t some rehash of ideas, but true time and tested proven methods. It’ll definitely save your customers loads of time and money by correctly ‘qualifying’ their prospects.

In other words, I just love your style. No BS, straight to the point kind of stuff. Highly recommended.

– Melvin Ng, Group President, PRS IN VIVO

Have you convinced yourself to get The System now, or would you like to see the exclusive bonuses you’ll get with the HRSS?

Client Testimonial

Last night, ten of 6, I started reading Nick Nichols’ High ROI Selling System, intending to spend ten minutes looking it over before going home.

Two hours later, my wife called, asking me why I hadn’t shown up for supper!! I had no idea how much time had passed — that’s how well written, informative and engaging Nick’s High ROI Selling System is.

Anyone who loves what they do, and mistakenly equates ‘selling’ with ‘manipulation’ and ‘forced work,’ will appreciate Nick Nichols’ High ROI Selling System. It contains ideas you can immediately profit from — and continue to profit from for decades.

In other words, I just love your style. No BS, straight to the point kind of stuff. Highly recommended.

Here Are More Sure-Fire, Field-Tested Strategies You’ll Learn in The High ROI Selling System:

  • What to say and do when a prospect says, “We’re not interested.”
  • A much better alternative to “closing a sale.”
  • Four common sales scenarios you must avoid at all cost.
  • What to say and do when a prospect says, “The timing isn’t right.”
  • How to deal with price-focused prospects.
  • When to keep prospects alive and when to eliminate them.
  • Seven questions you absolutely should never ask your prospects.
  • Why what you’ve been taught about networking is probably the exact opposite of what you should be doing!
  • How to approach high-level prospects with total confidence.
  • How to make every sales call a success.

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Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m so confident that The High ROI Selling System will help you land more high-quality clients, in less time, with far less effort and frustration, that I’ll give you a 90-day better-than-risk-free guarantee.

Get the HRSS now and give it your best effort. You may find that the first step alone is worth the price as you discover how easy it is to introduce yourself in a way that gets the attention of qualified buyers like never before.

Or you may just find yourself spending less time with non-prospects and more time with serious buyers, allowing you to focus on the people who can pay you what you’re worth, and who’ll make good long-term clients.

The System is guaranteed to increase your sales by at least five times your investment within 90 days when used as directed. By that I mean, at a minimum you must complete the workbook assignments. If you are not getting the results you expected, you must fax your completed workbook assignments to 214-276-7385 along with a brief description of the issue. I will then schedule a follow-up telephone session with you to help work through the issue. If you are still not getting the results you expected within 90 days, you can request a refund of the purchase price. You can keep your bonuses as my gift for trying The System.


More Happy Customers

It’s nice to see that some people on the Internet are honest, keep their word, and don’t cheat. It really is. Thanks again, Nick!

– Steffen D. Feser, Goleta, California, USA

I really appreciate your excellent customer service. You’re the kind of company that gives e-commerce a GOOD name !!! 🙂 Thanks again!

– Wayne D. Rickert, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, USA