Strategic Discovery

Have any of these happened to you (or someone you know)?

  • You finally find someone who wants to meet with you to discuss their problem(s) and how you can help them.
  • You gladly go to their office – no matter how far it is because, after all, YOU are the seller, right… the side that must jump through hoops?
  • When you get there, you discover that the person you thought you were meeting with alone has brought in one or more people to “sit in” on the conversation – people that don’t seem to have any buying or decision-making authority.
  • You find that this board of inquisition has many questions that you gladly answer – even if those questions seem irrelevant or challenge your assumptions or expertise.
  • In your “zeal for the deal” you find yourself offering free advice and guidance to demonstrate your expertise, thinking that this will impress them and get them to buy.
  • The prospect asks what you perceive are buying questions and seems ready to move forward.
  • You can hardly control your salivation and prepare to ask for the order, when suddenly, they ask you the dreaded, daunting, deal-killing question:

“Can you send us a proposal?”

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